Thursday, March 24, 2011

Medals - Album and Tour

Hello JC fans!

Medals (Yoi, myself, and our friend Nadia) have an album coming out on Tuesday called 'Dancing In Ceremony.' Yoi and I recorded the album mostly ourselves in Brooklyn over the summer and fall and we're very excited to finally get it out there! It'll be on Itunes and Amazon and all that stuff and we'll have physical discs to sell you ourselves. Purchase links to come...

In the meantime you can get the single 'Turn To Gold' and an exclusive B-side for free on our bandcamp page.

Medals have also started playing a few shows around - thank you to all who have come out to see us so far! - and will be playing a bunch more throughout the spring. The first tour kicks off on April 3rd in New York City at Mercury Lounge - Tickets - and then heads west and south. No word yet on if we'll be reviving the old JC tradition of food blogging, have to do something to stay sane out there but maybe it's time for a new gimmick?

April 3rd - New York NY - Mercury Lounge
April 6th - Chicago IL - Quencher's
April 7th - Atlanta GA - Wonder Root
April 8th - Chapel Hill NC - Nightlight
April 9th - Washington DC - Velvet Lounge
April 10th - Philadelphia PA - The M Room

Hope we see you out there!

Also, in related news, Mr Gavin Dunaway's band Libel have a newish EP out here. Go big G.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hello there.

Yoi and Will (that's me) have finished an album together under the new band name Medals. Still working out assorted details of how to release it and how to do it justice in a live setting, but we're really excited about it. Can't wait to start playing some shows!

You can hear a handful of songs on our semi-functional new site here

See you soon!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Goodbye --- 2 FINAL SHOWS!!

The Jaguar Club have decided to throw in the towel after 5 years together. For several reasons this was just the right time to move on to new things. Huge thank yous to everyone who ever came to see us play, enjoyed our records, or championed our band. We really do appreciate the support over the years and we had a hell of a time!

The music that was being recorded by Will and Yoi as a new JC album will instead be released under a new name sometime early next year, which is fitting as it is a bit of a sonic departure from The Jaguar Club. We were actually just in the studio mixing half of it this week and it's sounding fantastic! We'll keep you all updated on that via this site until new digs can be arranged.

In the meantime we are playing two final shows as The Jaguar Club: one in our actual hometown of Brooklyn NY (which is tomorrow night!! sorry for the late notice) and another in Washington DC, which is a place that we have visited so often as a band it has sometimes felt like a 2nd home.

$7, 8pm Doors, 9pm show, JC on at 10.
With our buds Telltale and Spanish Prisoners.

1811 14th St. NW WDC 20009
$10, 9pm show, JC at 9pm sharp
Opening up for Casper Bangs and Ra Ra Rasputin

Hope to see you at one of these last shows. They should be fun. Thanks for a lovely time!!!

-The JC

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Working Title... Turn To Gold

Here's another taste of some of the new stuff.... like the last one, this is a very rough mix that we did quickly ourselves. But it should give you the idea!

If you live in New York perhaps we'll see you this Sunday night at Mercury Lounge!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mercury Lounge - Sept 12th

A big thanks to everyone who came out to the show on Saturday!

Our next show is a biggie at Mercury Lounge on Sunday the 12th of September. We'll be test driving a few more new songs from the next record, which we can't wait to hear pumping through Mercury's lovely sound system. See you then!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Working title.... "Bruce"

For anyone who's interested in what we've been up to lately, here's a very rough mix of a new song we thought you might like to hear. Enjoy!

... and remember if you're in the NYC area - we're playing at Union Hall on Saturday night. See you then!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hard-Earned Band Photo

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 28th at Union Hall

Monday, August 9, 2010

Howdy People

How're things??

We've been beating the summer heat by hanging out in a dark, windowless, surprisingly cool basement... kind of like recording an album in a wine cellar except it's stocked with bud light. It's been going better than we ever imagined and we're really enjoying captaining the boat ourselves this time around. With a little luck it'll be out this fall and we're hoping to have some samples and things for you to listen to up in the next week or two so keep you eyes here. We're keeping our eyes on the prize.

Here's a live video our main man Manny from Coyote Eyes made of us playing Blood Pressure sometime over the winter. Thanks Manny! Looks sweet.

We're also going to be headlining a pretty amazing bill at Union Hall here in Brooklyn on Saturday August 28th. Our good friends The Cloud Room, Vita Ruins, and Gold Streets are playing so come early!! Doors at 8pm. You can get advanced $8 tickets here which might be a good idea.

We love you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It Begins...

Hello. We're pleased to say that as of last night recording is officially underway on our 2nd full-length album. Maneuvers have begun in our own makeshift "studio" and will be continuing there and in a few other place over the next 2 months or so. We're pretty jazzed about it and the new songs are shaping up to be the best stuff we've ever done. We still need a name for our studio, so please address and suggestions to this site. We did manage to name our new hard drive 'VibeTron One Million' so we can feel good about that.

Here is some photographic evidence.

And in case you though Yoi was just using the computer to watch the new Star Trek movie with the commentary for the 15th time, here is a close up. I played the brown track.

Also, we'll be performing as a trio for the first time in over a year this Saturday night (July 17th)at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg. It's an early show and we're on around 8:30, so come by and help me sweep the cobwebs off my guitar playing.